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What is search engine marketing?

The abbreviation SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing literally means search marketing. This task is to attract the target audience, to encourage visitors to become customers of the company. Mainly this is achieved with the help of SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (contextual advertising). There are other methods that marketers can incorporate into a comprehensive program.

Let us consider in more detail what SEM is. Boris started his own business - selling special water filters. The company he created was engaged in the sale, installation and repair of special equipment. The service is in demand, especially considering the quality of tap water in an industrial city. There are almost no competitors in the region, the business promised to be s any undertaking needs advertising. For a beginner finance entrepreneur it is quite expensive… After talking with partners, I decided to create an Internet site where people can buy goods. The site was created with the help of a familiar computer specialist, filled with articles that he found on similar sites of other companies. In a month, the result of the work is 3 clients. Talk about profit is not necessary. I had to contact the company where they offered search marketing. Payment was made in parts and depended on the result. Two weeks later, the site was changed: the articles were rewritten; an online chat appeared on it. Groups in social networks were opened, which were led by an advertising agency employee, a guest photographer made a series of photos and videos about the company's products. And earned! There were calls, orders; customers appeared, including large Washington dc seo companies.

This is the result of a well-formed marketing plan. Search engine marketing is website optimization, contextual advertising and other methods that make the work of Internet resources more effective Washington dc seo

Why do you need search engine marketing?

Search marketing attracts consumers who are potentially interested in the product - because they themselves are looking for it online. In order to buy your product, not a competitor, you need a good visibility of the Internet resource. The goal is to occupy the most prominent place for a client among such products and companies, to be one of the first sites in TOP. It is the first 10 sites and advertisements that were found in the search and will be those to which the user will pay attention.

Who develops the work strategy?

A search engine marketing strategy is being developed by marketers together with webmasters. It is important to build a competent scheme that will work. For this, it is better to resort to the services of professional SEO-agencies, where there is experience and knowledge for such work. You don’t have to do everything yourself - the cost of a mistake is great.

A large number of methods capable of increasing site traffic, often confusing and experienced masters - in each case an individual approach is needed.

If a beginner gets down to business, then, at best, the budget allocated to a campaign can be wasted to no avail. At worst, the site may be blocked by the search engines and will not be offered to users at all. It is clear that such a result is far from necessary.

Therefore, to get into the TOP-10 you need to attract professionals. But to know the basic principles to control their work, to avoid unnecessary cost overruns - every business owner is obliged. Therefore, we will focus on the main points of campaign organization, including how to evaluate the result.

Applicable Tools

To achieve the goal - to increase visitors from the search - developed different technologies. They are constantly being improved, new ones appear. Usually, they complement each other and work together. The main options that are used by search marketing:

  • Contextual advertising;
  • Search engine optimization;
  • Working with social networks;
  • Behavioral marketing;
  • Work with video and photos;
  • Targeted advertising;
  • Reputational marketing.

Consider the three most popular methods. The rest are rarely used.

Contextual advertising

This information about the product / company in search engines, placed on the advertising sites of the search results for keywords. Advertisements can be text and graphic.

Search engine optimization

Also, the name is used for this term: website optimization, SEO (search engine optimization) abbreviation. This is a set of actions aimed at modifying the Internet portal to promote it in the list of sites issued by search engines. In this type of Internet marketing, customer acquisition is achieved by improving the quality, quantity, and unique content of the site (articles, information). They use keywords (user requests).