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Dental SEO Needs

Of interest are his needs - real and potential, life values ​​and preferences, individual requests, requirements, claims in the field of dental services, general health, and opinion on the work of medical and service personnel.

All this information does not just orient the company's employees to the patient’s individuality, but becomes the basis for staff training,

Enhance skills.

Marketing turns into a permanent type of activity of professionals, which ensures the development of the whole team.

Various marketing concepts are known.

  • Practice shows that in one or another volume they are all reflected in dentistry.
  • The concept of improving production.
  • The concept of improving the product.
  • The concept of integrating marketing.
  • The concept of enlightened marketing.
  • The concept of marketing management.
  • The concept of strategic marketing.
  • The concept of marketing deals (transport marketing).
  • Relationship marketing concept.
  • The concept of maximum marketing.
  • The concept of competitive rationality.
  • Mega marketing concept.

As an economic system, marketing in the dental industry, on the one hand, includes the study of supply and demand, the orientation of the production of dental products to their satisfaction, the targeting of manufactured dental products.

On the other hand, it is a purposeful active influence on the market of dental goods and services.

In other words, marketing in dentistry is an economic activity aimed at meeting the demand and supply of a patient and a dentist, a manufacturer of dental products and a dental institution through the exchange of relevant goods and services.

One of the most important tasks of marketing research in dentistry

- Identification of real needs for relevant services, as well as forecasting the motivation of a potential consumer of dental goods and services.

This is due to the fact that the demand for dental goods and services may exceed supply, as a result of which prices in the dental market will be dictated by the producers of these services (dental institutions, factories, etc.).

In addition, in a real market situation, the supply of dental goods and services may prevail over the demand for them or the supply and demand may be in equilibrium.

At the same time, the realization of dental products and services, as well as the formation of prices for them, to a certain extent will depend on the consumer (dental institutions and patients).


The need for certain types of dental seo goods and services should ideally determine marketing research by analyzing the relationship between demands for them and supply.

In modern conditions, the economic activities of dental entities should be flexible and respond promptly to the conjuncture of the relevant market.

This is achieved through organizational and management research and program-control marketing functions in the dental industry.

Thus, in the conditions of functioning of market mechanisms of regulation and management in dentistry, the organization of marketing research, in our opinion, creates objective conditions and prerequisites for the introduction of economic methods in the practice of dental institutions and manufacturers of dental goods and services in order to stimulate their business activity, resource saving in the industry as well as their effective functioning.

As a result, this will allow intensifying competitive relations in the dental industry and will lead to an increase in the quality of services provided, and production of filling materials and dental products.